A Ticket To Time Travel

Not being there since the beginning, wanting to have done things differently, many other sentiments, these are real feelings but there is not much that they mean against someone. A power stirs in the heart of the person who sees it in themselves, all the same. There will come a time not to feel any lesser because of the past or present, and still yet believe in the future one wants to pursue. That time is eternally now. Don’t believe you don’t deserve it. Believe that who you are is a matter of pride.

Now take care, thanks for everything, and good luck! Love you


fuck yeah I’ll chug coffee!

he’s not actually making me mad, it’s just… “lol wtf”

also there is Takatsuking / Kin-chan’s Dengeki Playstation stuff!

an-chan program! Most all, if not all of these, have been subtitled, I think

yeah making time for games practice (don’t have to play online against pros or people online) or hanging out sounds fun as well! I just don’t know how to plan for it now


Details release dates for Japan and Asia, but there’s also a Steam page link

I would think it gets released in the West?


these games are popular, but apparently super long. Wish I got into the series earlier


Super Butouden…is it going to be made available to those who don’t preorder?

metaknight is cool.

and yeah, I have the same opinion. the person you’re referring to is likely pretty similar. but I don’t know where the other person is / what’s up with her, and there’s something that feels off about the potential political ramifications. I don’t want it to get ugly. Yeah I can’t help but feel apprehensive


I think she doesn’t care and also hates her marriage



no don’t do that

but I would watch it


so I have heard that there’s not much to say for the past couple of French presidents :p


reminder that it’s okay to be angry!


Actually I think they’re incredible. They’re also very experimental / avant garde, I guess. This would’ve been a more popular thread four or five years ago. Platinum Games would rather make games for all consoles

I also think that they’re determined to make games that other teams can’t or won’t already make. important to be distinct from others in their output / ethos


Tekken’s mainline games are always close to it. I forgot about the Tekken Tag Tournament series

Blazblue already has or is close to it

Guilty Gear – this may have already happened with +R, besides that, I guess with Xrd there are perhaps mythology concerns or something. and a lot of development effort since the cast is comparatively small considering the full roster is not already added / the characters that are present in Story Mode but not added

Street Fighter’s characters are always built around a particular game’s mechanics. Two V Triggers for 3498345 characters sounds awful.

There may be less game-design limitation with the Marvel series but that is a lot of characters to borrow from Marvel / a lot of characters to develop from Capcom, too. I think it goes past 70, slightly so

King of Fighters is always close to it / already has done so

Skullgirls / TFH ayy

Mortal Kombat, there’s always a mythology reason for it

I don’t know nearly enough about Killer Instinct

Soul Calibur, it’s a combination of mythology and trying different things to reinvigorate the series to make up for failed execution in game design, game development, or advertisement campaigns. Soul Calibur, since SCII or SCIII, has been something of a follower compared to other fighting games, if I understand it correctly

Virtua Fighter has won the award, I think

I don’t really agree with the idea that it keeps the roster fresh. Introducing new characters like with Street Fighter III does that. What does one say when Chun-Li returns for Street Fighter again. I really think it’s just the bounds of development limitation and character reception / whomever the developers decide to prioritize for whatever reason (see Tekken 7.) The question is “this character is supposed to be there”, assuming they’re popular enough, is it not?


I heard good things about this…


Brexit should not have happened, and Trump winning should not have happened. Those I did not expect. Assessing the gravity of the damage, yeah I felt things would get really bad but it doesn’t make me feel any less incredulous. These types prey on institutional and social dysfunction


Outer Space. It’s intense. It’s a cool environment. The vastness really appeals to me. But I still find the idea of dying in such a seemingly “empty” place an eerie concept


was JK there? I don’t think so. I can’t say I remember. I know we were in many of the same classes in freshman year. film theory was a sophomore year class, I think

This movie is pretty interesting and worth watching. Check it out, sometime. It’s not full of action; it’s pretty abstract but simple


yes, destroy them


alt-right goon. axiomatic speech is something like that – it’s when I read the entirety of the first paragraph from the final block quote in the OP / opening post.

But this is rather common. Say things that seem very universal or non-specific. I, on the other hand, as you have seen me deal with idiots online, believe that eventually everything breaks down or can be seen to possess some sort of characterization. I don’t really believe in “non-essence.”


the implications that predicate this topic have been well-observed for quite some time :S

I think these are supposed to be scary stories. Reading horror material doesn’t scare me



something something “the most terrible ideas in the world”


JJBA hype! As popular as this series is, I have watched exactly none of it. Want to watch it sometime


got just a little under $200k. I want to say that this news story is familiar. In any case, police brutality in America is very real, and as I said the police are something of a protected class in America because…maybe the country has this weird fixation with militarism, or physical force used to express authority, or something. It’s an enduring flaw


a pretty common push-pull in this Congress.


they probably put a lot of development personnel on individual games. I don’t think it’s problematic, but for a company that I would imagine to be rather large, it is a bit surprising. yeah, do Nintendo games have super long credits sections or something?



Bruce Lee :3


either there’s going to be a separate console for it or VR is being punted to the next generation. umm, the games for PSVR look cool, but right now they’re a bit same-y. Psychedelia experiences, etc.

don’t worry so much about having everything solved. I’m willing and kinda assuming I’ll give some input on things anyway, comes with the territory. Not a problem. but I maintain my stance

the below theme is a hype theme

sounds awesome

why doesn’t the religion screen ever say anything insulting to toads? does their god love them that much? I don’t think so

by the way, i do hope to maintain a balance between assisting and others handling their team stuff, too

and I don’t think “levels” are the end of the world, but I don’t like the idea of devaluing people or the idea being used against people


I wonder how ResetEra is. There’s something there for many people (even a tokusatsu thread, hehe.) Basically everyone, I would think. But I almost think it was built more for 2 than myself, at a point. =p

hah. too fucking bad. I don’t take responsibilty for that. and yes, if it’s about good people or bad people, the innocent and the guilty, that’s exactlt what I’m doing. And no more perfect a mode of delineation than it is to participate in toad business.

her problem. I am beyond that blackmail. so I’ll be 100% clear – if that possibility ever gets realized – her decision. their decision. never negotiate with terrorists. because when you cross a certain threshold – that’s it.

that’ll not be the last time that stunt gets pulled, and I’m indifferent.

not everyone has the same potential for wickedness. it’s been proven.

by the way, it’s as I said. it’s impossible to justify preventing me from talking to the people I want to talk to

look at what happens when they began to reach out, to speak and to trust. in very specific ways of course and there are other factors, blah blah blah

and decades ago she told her dead son to do the same. this is a matter of fact.

and what was that conversation two or three years ago at the italian restaurant? if I could stick by somebody? and she said no. and then there was this

as for “that girl”, not a goddamned chance. this exists in spite of her and toads. those who made a real choice. their feelings belong to themselves

too fucking bad for all of them! nice bullshit decision-making! “it’s terrible but what can you do” F O A D

ultimate protip for dealing with trolls:



I don’t see a translation anywhere atm

hold your applause. =p

Do not do that. Why would you do that?

They must have thought I wouldn’t say anything =p

Let me just say right now. If you’re feeling self conscious about “privilege”

As Vergil said:

“Don’t be.”

yes I caught the not-so-subtle “Hello” and “dumbass” references

aaaaand a certain other aspect of the conversation. don’t say it loudly =p

dude was falling apart

also: I am the world’s most arrogant paranoid / anxious person. truly pushing the meta for humanity. you’re really not supposed to be bothering with this though, it’s stupid.

“non-zero odds” you need to spend more money on lottery tickets =p a most promising con target

presitgious institutions that earn their reputation but also enroll idiots



it’s a reference to a very low-effort and shallow intellectual named Thomas Friedman looking at a call center and thinking “the world is flat” because of outsourcing call centers. It’s a very shallow observation and inference that doesn’t tell or explain anything (and isn’t even new.) It’s also an explanation on drawing stupid / loosely applicable to the point of useless parallels to real life from stories


a discussion on the presumed decreasing prominence of weeklies. Another contributing factor may be cost of transportation, distance to practice spots, whatever. in-person socializing and community experiences are much different compared to online. And netplay is not a substitute for the tournament experience, as well.

Your decision here is between local communities or one bigger tournament – one that may be easier to advertise or pool in players from (with what money, especially if you’re just starting out?) I think the ease of establishing and operating major tournaments is being grossly overstated, not to say that the desire is less meaningful



I mean, cosplay isn’t ethnicity-exclusive. I get that cultural appropriation is a concern.



might have been a troll / plant / idiot doing things for attention. not sure when the next time will be that he gets to commentate again =p

has nothing to do with “legacy persons,” it just doesn’t make sense for that person not to know who Unca Valle is =p. WNF is something he runs, he plays SF for forever, etc.

the damn thing isn’t set up still =p Angelic is complicit in this

shoutouts to regional branches of companies being hype :3

a bunch of explanatory comments in the thread below:

the above event has passed, but there’s still the archive!

looks real sick tbh

source for the above

competitively, it’s probably three at maximum. shoutouts to Kazunoko :3

these are always interesting. they’re inevitably compared:


the above is all in Japanese! no English translation yet

Pasuteru raifu episode 6

I didn’t know what Misaki looked like until…a month or two ago

support and troubleshooting!

that is Rikyako and she has also a program called Marugoto Rikako where she talks

they cut back on screenings, to a degree that’s hard to really express, but it’s noticeable. 15 states or so. Hawaii never turns up (the turnout isn’t as great as one would hope for,) but I can’t say I don’t appreciate the gesture

I hope people understand what I mean when I say that “the real battle is not fought on Twitter”

toads want this status quo to exist in perpetuity – for interactions to take place with me only online and by proxy. recognize that Toads Are Not Honest

Don’t listen to them =p

take it easy!



(Struggle For Existence is better, but Evil Festival is Wu :3)

thanks Glenn :3


explanation behind Mega Man’s inclusion in Smash 4! Among other things


impressive. Mega Man should have been like this from the beginning (but for the limitations of the NES)


That’s pretty good pacing. New characters can significantly impact tournament results and matchup spreads. That’s also a lot for developers, too


can’t wait to hear the Ring of Power theme :3


Cassandra, Raphael, Patroklos (Patsuka / Setsuka version), Cervantes, Talim

The Mega Man 11 hype!

Some development-diary videos for y’all to check out!


it’s not as good :3

having finally seen an entire stage, now I’m like:

“yeah I want to play this game.”

dynamic backgrounds, the feeling of progressing through a stage, the stages are long / the perfect length, and the boss fights seem great.

I take back what I said about changing Mega Man outfits to replicate Robot Masters. I don’t want color schemes to be obvious / of limited choice.

Mega Man 11 looks great. People need to see more footage / see it on stream. So much different to see an action game and then to play an action game.

Excellent work as usual, everyone. Thank you!

I may just go to sleep. But I’ll say this. I wasn’t lying about anything. But I’m not afraid of the idea that someone could be roughly as strong as me, or stronger now, or stronger in the future. And for those wondering “but what about when I…”

lmao whatever. “live and learn, hanging on the edge of tomorrow,” ya know

anyone been to “The Dragon” on TV tropes :3


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