Guilty Gear should be starting in an hour or two. It’s 9 AM in the Midwest.

but VSAV starts before then! hype! in an hour

Excellent work, as usual. thanks.

I’ll be staying awake this time




And that was MomoCon! Pichu hype GS 😉

I can only say that I assume it’s not been easy! Have fun

gs so far 😀

And that was a reminder to not forget to chill and enjoy events!


It feels like I never saw him play much. Damn


great read!


“Job seekers who put themselves in positions where they say “yes” even if you don’t know how will often find success”

I am VERY skeptical of this. It’s one thing to find confidence attractive (the most charitable assumption given the hypothetical,) but what if there’s no delivery? Do you assume that the hiring team is actually going to let whatever mishap in execution – should it happen – slide? (especially for a new hire, to say nothing of “responsibility level” or “place in the corporate hierarchy”)

The resulting “meta” is kind of just “qualifications creep” – which is what you might expect in immature industries, I think, or ones with heavy stratification / lack of stability. It is not that the opportunities don’t exist / the walls are insurmountable. The market is more volatile and requires more discretion than most others

Incidentally I think this is what was observed post-2008 stock market crash. Employers shifted their expectations upwards for hiring and the earnings gulf increased

Also I have a lot of reservation with a completely laissez-faire approach to team members. You should obviously choose wellUnless you like leaving yourself open to scandal. Which can then affect your brand and corporate sponsorships blah blah blah


This has been something that I’ve been thinking about lately. Last night, I also thought about that one villain dude from The Incredibles. Part of the problem here, I think, is that it’s not just transparency being pursued in isolation. It’s transparency as a commodity, and it has an effect on the audience as far as what the audience comes to demand. There are ugly competitive situations described in the article that exist to stimulate audience interest. By consequence, transparency as a commodity also means increasing commodification of…athletes. A person as brand is part commodity, but inability to create separation is harmful both ways

It’s also very clear that a lack of a degree of privacy will cause harm to athletes. It’s hard for me to understand why it is that even ostensible fans become so vicious towards people that they may otherwise claim to have an interest in. I think, as the communication channels begin to “feel” more direct, the assumption of the fan that they have more influence, as an extension of their own self-interest (under the fictionalized hypothetical character that is the “abusive fan” or whatever you want to call them,) is that their involvement is…permissible? Desirable? There are perhaps other concerns about vicarious living too, other forms of projection


nice stuff

Tokido cameo at 18:27. Damn that is some good English

The part where he talks about playing against people of different skill levels (approximately 4:34?) is interesting. I don’t really adhere to something that is as defined as what he suggests, but the general idea is something I definitely agree with. In my mind, death is death. His is a nuance of a different sort than mine

oh no

the song that comes up when he shows off the second bulbasaur is his theme song

Also I had a one-eyed Bulbasaur plush. I killed it I don’t know why fuck

I was very preoccupied with getting a small plastic Pokemon that was specifically Bulbasaur (accompanied with Master Balls or Poke Balls) that was sold in stores like Toys ‘R Us. The Bulbasaur I did get was found in Toys ‘n Joys, a Japanese pop culture goods store that no longer exists in Hawaii because the state is falling apart or something along those lines.

It was really important to have all of the first-generation starters.

The same thing applies to Yoshi plushes I have. All of the colors possible are important

Bulbasaur hype, but I think Squirtle is the best

list of favorite pokemon: Kingdra, Serperior, Espeon, Dragalge, Noivern, I can’t remember the last one so I’ll say Squirtle for now. Congratulations. I have never even trained / caught a Dragalge or a Noivern. They just look awesome

Ahh Volcarona. There we go. I’m not super attached to Dragalge or Noivern besides them being badass (without being too “first-day-at-middle-school-ish”) but not inclined to replace for Squirtle


SonicFox in Grand Finals for Skullgirl


Smash Melee development insight from a Nintendo-hosted website, with commentary from Masahiro Sakurai (?)

Pages for individual characters and more stuff


E3 2000 (?)



There’s a Japanese fansite for Daigo (very obviously not likely affiliated) that runs these bets?

An interesting preview and I do suggest checking it out. A lot of “dead-air” but great nonetheless

On a related note, I have thought about the meaning of “honest play” in fighting games. It has one essential characteristic, in my opinion: significant deviation from the “fundamentals” of average competitive play. Or even just deviation in general. I have thought about whether or not:

  • possessing options that are not consistently contestable by many characters (not the same as a “gimmick”)
  • heavy use of “gimmicks” / tactics that do not work against appropriately refined counterplay
  • non-deliberate execution
  • options with disproportionately-skewed risk/reward ratios. But I think there’s a temptation to look at this in isolation and not at characters as a whole

apply as well. but whatever. the basic characteristic I listed above does apply

It’s not so much that “fundamentals” are a law. “Fundamentals” are an average, and the word itself means “generally speaking” wrt fighting games. It’s an expression of what should work most often in consideration of risk-reward in a variety of situations


some light reading

as a repeat from yesterday – “Is America Free?”

That art is ridiculous.

aheh. quite good. quite good, in fact

he needs her

geez, I cannot vouch for how the event is being operated (perhaps things are being run tightly or the spectator experience etc.,) but Combo Breaker with Best of 5’s only for WF LF and GF? 😦 They even did Dragon Ball Z like that

alright! good luck Kazunoko 😀

Some interesting fights coming up 😀

ayy! Good stuff this weekend. =D =P

so much dread. but not really lol

aiiieeee. !!!

bonne chance!

oooooh. Congrats! 😀


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